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WSAPD Annual Meeting & Business Meeting

October 6, 2018 @ 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM


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The Magellan Factor

What a 16th Century Explorer and 21st Century Neuroscience Can Teach Us about Focus, Intention and Practice Leadership

Presented by Brian DesRoches, MHA, MBA, MSC, Ph.D., LMFT
Ferdinand Magellan had a vision of circumnavigating the globe and then relishing in the fame and fortune his journey would bring.  He could have completed the voyage had he not been distracted by an emotional process that now bears his name.  Although his situation was unique, the emotional process inherent within The Magellan Factor is not.  We are all susceptible to its distracting, devitalizing and derailing influence of The Magellan Factor on our professional and personal lives.

However, its influence can be significantly reduced and managed by applying skills based in 21st century neuroscience:

  1. the mind-brain process you can use to bring calm and clarity to yourself in midst of confusing, frustrating and anxious interactions
  2. 5 specific criteria for creating vitalizing and positive outcomes
  3. 3 action steps for redirecting your focus when you become entangled and derailed by The Magellan Factor.

This presentation will help you manage the emotional process that derailed Magellan and direct your focus on the outcomes that inspire and motivate you both personally and professionally.

Brian DesRoches

Brian DesRoches, MHA, MSC, MBA, Ph.D., LMFT

Brian DesRoches is a consultant, psychotherapist, nationally known workshop facilitator and internationally published author. Dr. DesRoches has worked with dental professionals for over twenty years providing consulting, coaching and workshops. He has facilitated presentations and workshops for study clubs, and dental societies and associations. His innovative approach of integrating the latest research in neuroscience with practical skills provides a unique and powerful process for experiencing a high performing, profitable and fulfilling practice. He developed and facilitates the nationally known Practice Leadership workshop and the Optimizing Your Influence in Patient Relationships course. He is the author of Your Boss is Not Your Mother (William Morrow, Inc., April 1995; also published in 6 foreign languages), Reclaiming Yourself (Dell Publishing Inc., April 1990) and other books.

Afternoon CE Opportunity

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Region 10, in collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and other national, state and local partners will present a three-hour educational opportunity entitled, “The Intersection of Oral Health and Childhood Obesity: Current Science, Federal and Promising Practices.” Presentations will highlight the impact of childhood obesity on oral health, the physiology of obesity, evidence-based interventions to prevent and treat childhood obesity, and promising practices that can be incorporated by oral health practices that serve children. HRSA will highlight programs and funding that focus on the HRSA clinical priority of reducing childhood obesity. Community programs that are available for referral by oral health practices will also be presented. Goals of this training event will be to:

  1. Inform oral health professionals on current science and best practices for the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity.
  2. Increase knowledge of HRSA programs and resources that support oral health professionals and their practice environments.
  3. Increase knowledge of state, local and private sector resource and referral sources to encourage physical activity and health food choices for children and families.
  4. Engage oral health professionals in a collaborative discussion of potential opportunities and barriers for interprofessional collaboration to prevent and treat childhood obesity.

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